Movetwo (Si Cimut / BumBum) is a street artist who had just started moving from Jakarta, Indonesia. His interest in graffiti began in high school influenced by the movements of the times and start painting the walls (wall street vandal wrote a school's name) in 2006-2007. At that time he chose to focus on street-art with graffiti. Continue to run its own search for a name (nick name, that has not fit her) A little later in the year 2009, he got a fit and proper name for it is MOVETWO. At the end of 2009 he formed a group called JUMOart and continue to run until early 2010, and all members of the group decided to change their name to become JMK (j-town midnight killer) up to date. He said "For me," Movetwo known as a character. One of the characters are still vague to well-known he is a monster named Cimut funny, circle, mustache and red / pink. A lot of people who liked it and there is also a tease: D. may be the first to bring success all along Cimut / BumBum (Movetwo).

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email: andoydoank@ymail.com
twitter : @AndoyDoank
facebook : Move-Two

Movetwo Located in Jakarta, Indonesia.