Universal Studio

Universal Studio, at a Singapore

Jakarta x Bandung



Movetwo(JMK) at a Kemang.


Movetwo(JMK)at a Kemang.

Urban Toys

A toy truck car that has been modified into urban graffiti toys

Molotow Burner Marker Art Primo Product Demo

Smash Ink graffiti product demo

Munny World Festival Indonesia

Munny World Festival Indonesia is FINALLY HERE! After postponing the event weeks after weeks, and then months, Plastic Culture is proud to present the biggest Custom Show in Indonesia featuring Mega Munny, Munny V4, Mini Munny and Munny World from Kidrobot. The show will start at Plastic Culture in Grand Indonesia on the 24th of September 2010. The list of the activites is as follows:
Munny Custom Competition Exhibition (open for public)
On The Spot Munny Competition
Live Custom Show by Plastic Culture Resident Artists
Artists Series Munny Exhibition
Live Drawing by Various Street Artists … and many more

If you have want to participate in the competition, it is simple. First, go to any Plastic Culture shop and buy a Mini Munny, Munny World or Munny V4 and fill out an application form. It is that simple. Don’t forget to submit the Munny to us by September 18th. The categories for the Competitions are:
Skin-To-Skin design: no accessories, clay, or any other media added just pure artwork on MUNNY
Accessories: play around with different media and slap it on the MUNNY
Vandalim: cut it open, tear it up, do whatever you want, just as long as we can still see it is MUNNY
KIDS: under 14 years old will not miss out! Come and join the fun!


@high scope..

Full Wall


Gambar Yang dibuat gag sengaja..

Gambar Artwork ini ane buat ga sengaja..
laigi iseng-iseng ada kanvas ngangur yaa timbul lah inspirasi kayaa gini..
padahal gambar ini hanya di buat dengan mencoba n mencoba tapi keliatannya bagus jugaa heee..