Universal Studio

Universal Studio, at a Singapore

Jakarta x Bandung



Movetwo(JMK) at a Kemang.


Movetwo(JMK)at a Kemang.

Urban Toys

A toy truck car that has been modified into urban graffiti toys


Di tahun 2011 ini Tembok Bomber mau bikin sedikit perubahan, Salah satunya kita mau mengaktifkan lagi submission karya untuk di feature di halaman depan TB, ga harus graffiti saja kok, bisa stencil, mural, paste, instalasi, stiker atau apapun yg masih berhubungan dgn street art / urban art dan bagi yg punya informasi m...en...genai event... bisa dikirim juga ke

via / the yellow dino

#Jumpa Tembok..

continue to move forward ..

together with glue and paper to stick in the streets ..

I really want to have a sticker attached to the project along the way ..
do not know when the project was going and with whom I will make a project that ..?
maybe tomorrow will be achieved ..


Satee Tiga Tusuk..

oh raining raining...

thanks for Boys(RSZ300cc) with a darting through the challenging walls..

Movetwo is more delicious than magnum (LOL)

mocho thank my work has been to collaborate with you, thanks a lot mocho hihih ..
The next collaboration will wait ..

wholetrain trailer with english subtitles


"WHOLE TRAIN screening"

Goethe Institute (pusat kebudayaan jerman )
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15
Jakarta, Indonesia
january 11th, 2010. 7.00 pm
Admission is free, no reservations required.

Wholetrain. 2006. Written and directed by Florian Gaag. With Mike Adler, Florian Renner, Elvas M’Barek, and Jacob Matschenz. 89 min. In German with English subtitles. The screening of Wholetrain will be followed by a conversation between director Florian Gaag and graffiti writer Pure TFP.

With his fantastic cinema debut WHOLETRAIN Florian Gaag tells the story of a crew of four “writers” – David, Tino, Elyas und Achim – who observe the hierarchies, the values, the rules and the codes of the graffiti scene. Night after night they make off for the subway stations of the city, intent on leaving opulent images behind. But as another crew appears on the scene, and the four feel challenged, a creative battle ensues, one that will change the lives of these young people forever.

WHOLETRAIN is an exciting and emotionally gripping drama, one that explores for the first time the secret universe of the graffiti scene. The protagonists exist in a breathless state, suspended somewhere between two worlds: their day to day life, and their existence within the crew. Florian Gaag manages to recount a tale coloured by tension and aggression. The result is a many-sided portrait of characters whose world has never been documented in this way before. Their subculture remains authentic and realistic. Edgy editing and grandiloquent camerawork, a pulsating soundtrack and an excellent ensemble of actors, make WHOLETRAIN a film experience not to be missed.

The soundtrack was written and produced by Florian Gaag, who worked with legendary figures like Hip Hop greats KRS-One, Freddie Foxxx, O.C., Planet Asia, Afu-Ra, Grand Agent, Tame One, Akrobatik and El Da Sensei. Florian Gaag also collaborated with internationally renowned graffiti writers Neon, Won, Cemnoz, Pure and Ciel to create artwork for the film.

For more information check www.wholetrain.com and www.myspace.com/wholetrain. Press photos available atmovienetfilm.de/wholetrain/pressefotos.php.

Bombing 2010

Colaborasi Dengan ArtisStreetArt


simple 2010

JMK x RSZ300cc 2010

Project Akhir Tahun 2010

Numpang Nampang

Leave Soon for Bombing to Night

Char Bombing Simple movetwo x rsz300cc